I jotted down a quote I read once which I appreciated, but have since lost the source:

"Tom Bombadil represents the “other” to me. A type of Adam who instead of being tempted into sin by the snake just laughed at his words and chased him away with a stick and a song about silly serpents. In the midst of a very otherwise dualistic, good vs. evil plot, he is the third way. He puts the entire struggle into context, framing up the seemingly pointless battle for temporary power as entirely dismissible. He maintains his kingdom not with a sword, but with a song."

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This is an absolutely perfect quote and it is the conclusion that I also arrived at as I pondered all of the Bombadil material. A joyful, wise Adam who never fell and who is so captivated with Creation that he finds evil boring. He heals and liberates others with a song...Thanks for sharing!

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